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Chiropractic is a science of applied neurophysiological diagnosis based on the theory that health and disease are life processes related to the function of the nervous system: irritation of the nervous system by mechanical, chemical or psychic factors is the cause of disease; restoration and maintenance of health depend on normal function of the nervous system. Diagnosis is the identification of noxious irritants and treatment is their removal by the most conservative method.  - Dorland's Medical Dictionary (28th edition).

This is a pretty complete definition of what Chiropractic means to us at Pinnacle Health & Wellness and how we treat each patient that walks, stumbles or crawls into our office for care. Whether those patients are complaining of pain in their back or neck, an acute shoulder injury, chronic injuries, problems with sleep, digestion, energy, mood or a host of other ailments, our job is to connect the dots between their problems and their nervous system. 

Chiropractic care has become synonymous with spinal adjustments, which is the manual manipulation of the joints of the spine to restore normal position, motion, and neuromuscular stabilization. What we see clinically every day is that joints that are stuck and not moving will tend to create patterns of pain, weakness, and subsequent tightness and immobility throughout the body, often in parts of the body not associated with the patients complaint. Chiropractic manipulation (the adjustment) is a very safe and effective method for restoring normal position, motion and neurological control of the joints and muscles of the body. 



What incredible practitioners! So knowledgeable and professional. My chronic knee pain was no match for them!


Applied Kinesiology (or AK for short) is a system which evaluates our structural, chemical, and mental aspects of health and disease. It employs manual muscle testing along with other standards methods of diagnosis. Nutrition, manipulation, diet, acupressure, exercise and lifestyle changes are used therapeutically to help restore balance and maintain well being throughout life. 

We use Applied Kinesiology and manual muscle testing on all patients to help identify any weak links in their bodies. As our bodies collect cumulative trauma physically, mentally, and biochemically, our nervous systems are forced to adapt. Those adaptations present as weakness and tightness of various muscles and tissues in the body. Applied Kinesiology helps determine the where, what, why, and how of the body's problems and directs to the most efficient ways to support the body.  Most patients find the process very enlightening and interactive. With AK, health care becomes fun and exciting and something to look forward to rather than a chore or hard work. 


We use functional medicine at Pinnacle Health & Wellness to address underlying problems with patients physiology that result in dysfunction and disease.
The functional medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. It requires a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors and leverages that data to direct personalized treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes.


By addressing root cause, rather than symptoms, practitioners become oriented to identifying the complexity of disease. They may find one condition has many different causes and, likewise, one cause may result in many different conditions. As a result, functional medicine treatment targets the specific manifestations of disease in each individual. - Institute of Functional Medicine


Functional medicine is very effective at helping patients with a host of metabolic problems that present as complaints such are cardiovascular problems, metabolic and weight loss problems, hormone issues, neurological disorders and diseases, liver and kidney problems, bone, joint, connective tissue and skin problems, digestive problems, etc. We use the most advanced laboratory analysis available to assess patients body chemistry.  



Chiropractic Care - Initial Consultation for New Patients: 45 min - $100.00

  • Complete History and Physical Examination

  • Full Spinal and Extremity Evaluation

  •  Applied Kinesiological Structural Evaluation

  • Focus on Injuries, Pain, Physical Limitations and Performance

  • Recommendations for Exercise, Diet, Lifestyle, and Return to Optimum Function

  • Chiropractic and Soft Tissue manipulation as needed

  • Treatment Plan for Best Results


Chiropractic Care - Follow-Up Visits for Existing Patients: 15 min - $50.00 or 30 min - $90.00

  • Quick evaluation of existing problems

  • Chiropractic and Soft Tissue manipulation as needed

  • Recommendations for Exercise, Diet, Lifestyle, and Return to Optimum Function   

Functional Medicine - Initial Consultation: 45 min - $100.00

  • Complete History and In-Office Examination

  • Evaluation of Previous Lab Results and Recommendations

  • Report of Findings and Recommendations for further Evaluation and Care

  • Evaluation and Personalized Recommendations for Diet, Supplementation, and Lifestyle

Functional Medicine - Follow-Up Visits for Existing Patients: 15 min - $50.00 or 30 min - $90.00 

  • Quick evaluation of Previous Complaints

  • Review of any Laboratory Analysis 

  • Personalized Recommendations for Diet, Supplementation, and Lifestyle

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